D-Minor Good Music Reborn Mixed By Danvm Lamuziq [Download]

It has been some time since D-Minor Entertainment released a mix but worry no more because the wait is over. Danvm Lamuziq has just finished cooking something very hot. Nothing but good music. The kind of music only real house heads understand.  Check the playlist and download for free.

1. Ta Ice-####
2. Tonic HD-Free People (Local Boot)
3. Echo Deep-Colours Of Joy.
4. Roque-Redemption Jazz.
5. Ladi Adiosoul & HouseVille-My Nyt.
6. Ta Ice-Vibrations
7. Ta Ice-####
8.Dj Tears PLK-Heavy Millitary  (Original Mix )
9. Kaylow-Cry For Love (Dj Tears Plk & SoulX Mix )
10. Dj Tears Plk-Come Dance With Me ( Dj Tears Plk Remix )

If this playlist does not  convince you to download then you need to have a serious look at your kind of Good Music.

The link below will lead you to your free download.

Click here to DOWNLOAD
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